Friday, October 31, 2008

lance bass is gay

anyone watch dancing with the stars?
i do...i wish i knew ballroom dancing. 
one of my high school friends had a huge 18th birthday party and she had chosen a few people to perform a group dance to two different routines. i was one of the people chosen and i got to learn a waltz and merengue routine.

anyway, the point of this entry is that my mom and i are avid watchers of the show. 
well, in the begining of this season, lance bass and his dance partner performed to katy perry's I Kissed A Girl. they ended the dance with lance giving his dance partner a big kiss on the lips. it was a surprise ending to the routine to which my mom asked, "isn't he married??"
LOL...umm...i'm not sure where my mom got this idea but i just replied with, "uh, no."
i was going to say "he's gay" but for some reason i couldn't. i'm not sure why...i guess part of it is because "he's gay" is so close to "i'm gay" and just saying "gay" is hard for me to do with my parents. another part of it is fearing her reaction if it was negative.
however, i think it would have been a great oppurtunity to see how she reacted to finding out someone who she thought was straight (and married) was actually gay.

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