Wednesday, August 6, 2008

it's been a while...

i first want to give a big thanks to the people who left encouraging comments to my last post!

sorry i haven't updated in a while. :(

not much has really happened since my last post. i said i would say how the trip after i came out went so here it goes (it's not much):
later that night lisa took me outside and we just chatted for a bit. basically she told me the same thing from inside.
she told me how she knows it's hard and that it sucks how society isn't fully accepting, but the times have changed where it is at least more accepting than it used to be.
she even confided in me with some very serious issues she's dealt with.

however, the next morning, things seemed somewhat back to normal. nobody every really mentioned my "coming out."
i suppose that it's a good thing as if it were to say "nothing's changed among us" and that i'm still the same person.
that was nice and all, but i would have like to talk about it more and stuff, but i guess it was my fault since i should have been the one to bring it up. they were probably waiting for my cue to let them know it was okay to talk about.

okay, so fast foward to a few weeks later.
lucy's roommate was there, but was doing homework the whole time in his room. let's call her roommate rick. he is gay.
so i was on facebook when he IMs me and admits he's been drinking and says he didn't want to bring it up, but he was curious as to why everyone was emotional and why i was crying that night.
he then says that he has his suspicions and that it's okay.
i had figured lucy told him everything when i left, but she hadn't. this made me how trusting our relationship is.
since i figured he already knew what was going on, he would have to know eventually since i'll be visiting lucy every now and then.
so i typed, "you're right. rick...i'm gay."
he replied, "you actually said it! i'm so proud of you."
that made me feel good. i asked him if he ever suspected that i was gay.
he claims that he knew all along, lol. i may be true though because he said he kept asking lucy if i was gay.
i asked, "what did she say??"
"she said she really didn't think so and that you would have come out to her already."
after he typed that, i realized how long ago i wished i had told her. but it's okay because she knows now.


Aek said...

That bit about "nothing's changed among us" kind of happened when I came out to some of my friends. Came and went, and then everyone never talked about it again.

It's good to see you blog again! :P

Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting back to us via your blog. ... I think it is interesting that you commented you wanted to talk about it more to your friends, but it didn't come up. You'll probably find that people will take clues from you about talking to you about it. My family never brings it up because I don't talk to them about it -- because I don't think they want to talk about it. I have friends who know I'm gay but it has never ever been said aloud. On the other hand, I have other friends with whom I can joke about it and say whatever's on my mind. ... Oddly, it's not a lot different than being in the closet. When you're in the closet, people won't approach you about it because they sense you don't want to talk about it. Then when you come out, they still don't approach you about it unless you bring it up. The ideal situation, of course, is that you can talk about it or not talk about it however you want: the same as you might talk about or not talk about sports or old movies. If YOU treat it as though there is no stigma, no nervousness, no shame or embarrassment, that's how THEY'll treat it. It's really up to you. So continue to be yourself, and be the example for others that this is just a normal part of life and a part of your personality like any other part of your personality. ... Meanwhile, please keep posting. It's good for you! and it helps your readers think about their own lives, too.